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Laser Hair Removal in Austin, TX

Toss the razor and wax strips! Our intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal is your best solution to a hassle-free and pain-free experience that’s safe and comfortable with stunning results that will make you wonder why you didn’t explore this service sooner. Our team of expert estheticians are known for providing the best laser hair removal in Austin with cutting-edge technology that destroys hair follicles and inhibits future growth. To learn more about our Austin laser hair removal services, contact us by clicking the button below, or schedule your free consultation today!

Kick up your glow with hair removal services designed to make any part of your body year-round ready! Men and women can indulge in the benefits of smooth and clean skin in body zones from face to toe. The number of treatments needed depends on the area of the body and level of hair growth, but the outcome is so worth it — no downtime, no ingrown hairs, and cost effective.

Pricing begins with the cost for one session. To make it more convenient and less expensive, the service is available in packages of 3, 6, 9, and 12 sessions. The pricing below reflects a range from 1 session up to 12 sessions. Please contact us to learn more about the price breakdown.

Face: $79–$738

Cheekbones: $79–$349

Upper Lip: $79–$349

Ears: $79–$738

Neck: $79–$738

Nape: $79–$738

Shoulders: $79–$738

Underarms: $79–$738

Upper Arm: $79–$738

Lower Arm: $79–$738

Hands: $79–$738

Chest: $79–$738

Areola: $79–$354

Alba Line: $79–$354

Abdomen: $79–$738

Lower Back: $79–$738

Upper Back: $79–$738

Brazilian: $158–$1,476

Bikini: $79–$738

Buttocks: $79–$738

Lower Leg: $158–$1,476

Upper Leg: $158–$1,476

Groin: $79–$738

Toes: $79–$354

Feet: $79–$738

Smooth & Glow
Monthly Memberships

Our Smooth & Glow membership lets you take advantage of our signature IPL laser hair removal and/or personalized facial treatments for areas of concern. Membership is $69.95 per month for one service and $109.95 for two services — visit monthly, shine daily, and keep them saying, “Wow!”


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