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You may wonder what to expect after getting Botox for the first time. This popular cosmetic treatment targets wrinkles, fine lines, and creases in the face to create a smoother, more youthful appearance. Like any procedure, you may understandably worry about side effects.

Botox is an FDA-approved botulinum toxin product. Still, it’s important to understand what to expect after your first Botox treatment. Here are some things you can expect immediately after Botox.

Smoother Skin

If you’re wondering what to expect after treatment, the first thing most patients notice is smoother skin. You might worry that it will change your face shape, but it only evens out your skin. Botox does not alter your appearance. Instead, it makes you look more refreshed.

Depending on your situation and goals, your injector may suggest small or large doses. Regardless of how much Botox they inject, you will still look like yourself save for the unwanted lines and creases.

Small Bumps and Specks of Blood

Many individuals don’t realize what to expect right after Botox and are surprised to find skin marks that look like insect bites. These little bumps usually come with dots of blood around the part of your face that you had done. They usually subside within half an hour.

Even when they disappear, the smoother skin that you expect will only be noticeable within the week of your treatment, usually between three and five days. Doctors remind patients that cosmetic treatments are not one-and-done procedures.

Asymmetry on Injection Sites

Other factors that affect what to expect after Botox injections include a disproportionate appearance after the product sets in. People’s faces are usually uneven to begin with, making the effects appear strange at first. In addition, the muscles on one side of your face might be stronger than the other. Botox targets the underlying muscles to produce its skin-smoothening effects.

After your procedure, your healthcare practitioner will likely schedule you a follow-up appointment so they can ensure your treatment was successful and even.

General Discomfort

Discomfort is generally the main thing to expect after Botox treatment, especially if it’s your first time. You may be hyper-aware of the product, the injection, and the numbness after undergoing your procedure.

You can use an ice pack to help with the numbness. Dermatologists usually offer ice packs before procedures as well to ensure a patient’s comfort throughout the Botox treatment.

Some Bruising and Swelling

Finally, bruising and swelling are common side effects after getting Botox. Just like any other injection elsewhere in your body, you could experience minor inflammation.

However, doctors note that most healthy patients won’t experience bruises, swelling, or infection. You can typically avoid these risks if you get a board-certified surgeon to apply your Botox units.

Some Reminders

Take note:

  • See a licensed professional to mitigate any associated risks. Botox injections are medical treatments requiring only the best practitioners to administer them.
  • Botox effects last between three and five months, depending on your physical activity levels. Your body slowly metabolizes Botox, making the duration different for everyone.
  • Doctors measure Botox by units. They usually deliver vials of 100 units at a time. Some areas in your face may need only five while others can use up to 40.

What To Expect After First Botox Treatment

After your first Botox treatment, expect to see results within a few days. However, the full effects may only appear after two weeks. You may experience some discomfort and have to return to your doctor to confirm that it is set correctly. Be sure to trust a licensed doctor to deliver your Botox units to ensure the best results.